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Engineered Solutions

NEX Solutions redesigned our customer’s steel frame to increase strength and integrity, while reducing the number of components from 69 to 9; virtually eliminating the customers end-user warranty problems.

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Structural Integrity

NEX Solutions built a cambered 37’ welded assembly within a +.030 and -.060 tolerance testing 13 points on a concave line.

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Responsive Delivery

A customer emergency arose when they discovered they were missing several conveyor support structures for a job that was already commissioned to begin. NEX Solutions was the only supplier to respond quickly.

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Engineered SolutionsChallenge

A large manufacturer asked for help with an internally designed frame that was causing major headaches and costing them money. They were experiencing an unacceptable number of shipping damage claims and, once installed, they were also experiencing oxidation problems.


Our engineers spent a day at the customer’s facility meeting with each department to gain a complete understanding of all the issues and complaints. We uncovered further frustration regarding the time it took to assemble the frame. With a thorough understanding of the issues, we brought one of the culprit frames to our facility for a detailed examination of the design and construction.


NEX Solutions developed a complete redesign of the frame. The new design reduced the number of components that were required to assemble the frame from 69 down to only 9 and replaced the rivet and screw assembly method with a welded assembly. The improved frame design reduced assembly time and resulted in a much stronger frame that virtually eliminated all problems during shipping and installation – which was causing the end-user warranty issues.

NEX Solutions also replaced the galvanized finish with a powder coating finish that solved the oxidation problems. The final kicker for the customer was that NEX Solutions could manufacture the newly designed frame at a significant cost savings over the original frame.

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